Today my passion and enthusiasm for spearfishing is as unrelenting as it was in 1985 when I started spearfishing with my father. Since then the fish have only gotten bigger, the adventures greater and the friends and good times more better along the journey.

To cure my sickness I realized I needed to sell what I believed in in order to finance the habit. When I brought Omer into the American market in 1997 the industry in America wasn't one, the clientele was non- existent, but the production from Omer was ahead of its time.

Since then Sporasub had changed hands and corporate ownership, took various production and marketing tacks, and finally the double fish logo is on a high road again under our direction.

With the largest speargun manufacturer in the world as our parent it enables us to produce the most beautiful and well made products in the industry.

My theory is that a product in order to be successful needs to have three qualities; function, quality, and good aesthetic design. A product can be good that combines any of those two, a top of the line piece of equipment shares all three attributes.

The last decade this small grass roots sport has grown at an impressive rate. Like any industry, every and all brands have laid their claim to fame. When you buy a Sporasub product you're buying a product that's not a reproduction of someone else's ideas.

From conception to production there's a team of us from around the world that put each piece of equipment through the most rigorous testing and challenging conditions until every question is answered and each concern is addressed.

With 25 years of experience we know what works and what doesn't. We are sticklers by nature, stubborn and annoying and we argue amongst ourselves until we get it right. In the end, a Sporasub product that comes out of production results in a piece of precision equipment for you.

Mark Labocetta