Technosport Announces Omersub Distribution End Date.

Omer founder Valerio Grassi in Italy with the original Omer logo sketch with Technosport Inc. President Eddie Laboccetta 1997

To our loyal customers and friends:
Effective October 1st, 2015 Technosport Inc has reached an agreement with Aqua Lung America for the transition of the distribution of Omersub & Sporasub lines of products in the North American market.

Technosport Inc, of Virginia Beach, Virginia, founded by Mark & Eddie Laboccetta in 1997, reached an amicable transition plan for an early turnover of the distribution business to Omersub Spa’s new US distributor, Aqua Lung America. Technosport Inc’s dealer network, which comprises the USA, Canada, Central America & Caribbean markets including Bermuda, will be able to redirect all future inquiries to Aqua Lung America of Vista, CA as of the effective date.

At the DEMA show 1999 with Raffaella Roveta Export Manager Omersub, Jacques Mayol Jr. Freediving Celebrity, Eddie Laboccetta, President

Technosport Inc and Aqua Lung America are committed to a smooth transition to avoid any disruption to the Omersub retailers and consumers. Aqua Lung America will communicate, in a separate document, the process to establish Omersub dealerships directly and retailers may contact Aqua Lung America in the interim as well.

Technosport Inc will close the operation of the family business in its 18th year as a company this year. Mark Laboccetta, co-founder of Maverick America LLC of Wilmington, NC, a new spearfishing company, continues his commitment to the spearfishing industry with a full array of high end product lines while Eddie and Diane Laboccetta are set to retire.

Our company wishes Aqua Lung success with the Omersub & Sporasub North American business for which we were custodians for nearly 20 years.

At the DEMA Show 1999 with Mark Laboccetta, Mike Wayde of the Alabama Stickmen, Karl Krupanski, President, National Divers, Terry Maas Blue Water Hunting & Freediving

Our history as a company comprises the original business debut of American distribution with the founder of Omer, Valerio Grassi, now well in his 90s, his retirement in 1997, followed by the Ciceri family ownership of the brand spanning two decades, and now to its most recent change of hands with the Aqua Lung acquisition in 2013.

We wish our wonderful longtime friend, current head honcho, Lorenzo Borri, continued success. He has been with Omersub for a long time, and has our deep thanks for years of a rewarding business relationship and passionate commitment to our sport.

Eddie Laboccetta
Technosport Inc.

Mark Laboccetta
Shareholder / Former COO
Technosport Inc.

Diane Laboccetta
Technosport Inc.

Mark Laboccetta Technosport COO & Lorenzo Borri Omersub Director in Hawaii 2006

1993 Giuseppe Tortorella with a Giant Bluefin Tuna speared with an Omer Master Speargun circa. 1993

Omer produced a freediving fin for RIFFE based on the Millenium model in 2000 with an agreement Mark Laboccetta forged with Jay Riffe of RIFFE INT.